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One Wing to Rule Them All

Slay Demonic Forces

Spread your Wings - Save the world!

The Army of Angels is Calling!

Rebuild your Wings to Save the World

In Wings of Destiny, enter a world where once kindred spirits, the Angels and Demons are splintered into opposing factions. "The Angels turned to the powerful "Wings of Destiny" to battle the evil demons. But the Wings were shattered, and now you must rebuild them to save the world from darkness.

Game Highlights

  • A complete overview of all quests, dungeons, events, tournaments, and other activities to enjoy daily!
  • Take a dip in the Hot Springs, escort treasures across the world, and more! The action never stops!
  • Join Guilds, make friends, build a Base, attack rivals, raid territories, earn wages, and so much more!
  • Enhance your gear, refine attributes, and inlay Gems for more power! Your weapon will literally glow with power!
  • With frequent Costume updates, there’s no limit to how you can dress for success! Look stylish no matter the occasion!
  • Challenge other players to win Coins and even a statue in your honor!