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Stormfall: Age of War™

Rise as a Lord or Lady to achieve greatness within the Kingdom of Stormfall. Construct and defend your Castle and raise an Army the likes of has never before been seen to turn back the Dark Magic of Balur and the cursed Dark Armies. Lord Oberon will guide you as you to lead Dragons and knights, Dwarves and Elves in your Quest to conquer the lands of legend and mystery. Now rise and advance to battle!

Build the largest Army that the Kingdom of Stormfall has ever witnessed!

  • Stand tall and join other Lords and Ladies for total MMO fun!
  • Construct, collect and advance through technologies to gain the greatest Castle of legend!
  • Engage in massive battles against firend or foe!
  • Join with your friends for free Online Fun!
  • Mount your steed and draw your sword for Victory!