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Epic strategy builder with action packed PVP battles.

A Strategy Builder Multiplayer Game set in the romance of the Medieval age! Rule as Lord of your city, recruiting Knights to battle, managing your serfs to gather resources, and build your city into a bastion of strength and hope. Carefully allocate resources to feed and grow your city, forge great treasures, strategically make and break alliances, develop your knowledge of ancient magic. Prevail in the ultimate goal to overthrow the Dark Knight and his Dragons, and establish a noble and tranquil Camelot in a sea of turmoil. EPIC STORY The Dark Knight has cast his shadow over the lands, and calamity has beset the villagers through the onslaught of the Dragons. You are recruited to serve as Lord of your fiefdom, to beat back this ancient terror, and defeat the darkness and his servants. Villagers rally to your cause as your reputation grows, are you the long awaited Chosen One that will restore peace and prosperity to the lands?

Game Highlights

  • STRATEGY AND ACTION: Real-time strategy, requiring thoughtful planning and allocation of resources.
  • EPIC QUESTS: Multi-stage quests involving battles, exploration, and compelling story lines to engage and maintain player interest.
  • PVP AND GUILD ACTION: Engage with thousands of players around the world
  • VISUAL SPLENDOR: Expansive set of zones with variety of exquisitely drawn landscapes and detailed character renderings.