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Gather Resources to Expand Your Power!

Join a Faction and Destroy the Enemy!

Real-time Strategic Warfare!

Use Tactics to Secure Victory!

Win the Battle and Control the Empire!

Recruit cunning generals to lead your troops!

Through tactics and strength, unite the Empire under a single banner!

Choose your faction and destroy your rivals to take control of the Empire!

Game Highlights

  • Defeat legendary heroes with special abilities, and recruit them to lead your armies.
  • Put down rebellious uprisings and repel enemy invaders from the walls of your Kingdom!
  • Select the right generals, and they will guide your armies to victory!
  • Complete story quests, recover ancient relics of power, and crush your foes!
  • Work together with other members of your faction to seize control during Kingdom Wars!
  • Craft weapons with extraordinary abilities, then use them to give your generals greater power!