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Recruit talented commanders

Discover blueprints in instances

Design your own ships

Massive PvP Wars & Leagues

Massive PvP Wars & Leagues

Duels and Diplomacy in Dark Space

Play Galaxy Online II and become a cosmic legend today. All the greatest leaders, tacticians, and engineers from across the universe can be found in Galaxy Online II. Each brings their unique talents to serve your ever growing empire. Build a mighty utopia or dominate other planets with a vicious fleet of starships. Choose your role wisely as you enter the vast realms of space!

Game Highlights

  • Recruit a wide variety of commanders with their own special abilities!
  • Design your own fleet of personal warships!
  • Face off against increasingly difficult bands of pirates!
  • Conquer your enemies and plunder their resources!
  • Scramble your ships for deep-space dogfights in the GOII League!