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Fast & Furious: Legacy

Build your Fast & Furious: Legacy Now! Join Tej, Roman, Letty and others to tear up the Streets in super-charged story missions set across all 7 Fast & Furious movies. Lead your Crew against rival teams and race in classic movie locations around the globe from Rio to Tokyo and back to LA. Trick-out your custom ride and weave through traffic, avoid the cops and score airtime on jumps in ALL NEW adrenaline-pumping game modes! The hottest car models from the movie franchise await you - are you ready to create your own Fast & Furious: Legacy?


  • Dominate Classic Drag Races while perfecting all new action race modes including Street, Drift, Getaway and Takedown.
  • Battle other crews through the streets of classic movie locations such as Rio, Tokyo, Miami and LA.
  • Recruit your friends for Crew vs. Crew battles to earn respect and dominate the global leaderboards.
  • Collect and upgrade over 50+ licensed vehicles including many from the Fast & Furious movies!
  • Go head to head against Fast & Furious villains including Arturo Braga, DK, Shaw and more.