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Conquer the Gods!

Summon Powerful Allies!

Master Each Realm of Magic!

Choose Your Champion!

Complete Each Campaign!

Battle Other Players for Supremacy!

The ancient gods have fallen.

Now, they seek to restore their dominion over mankind. Only you stand in their way. As a Champion, you have risen to challenge them, hoping to take their place in the heavens. You must conquer the gods and wield their magic. Only the most powerful will ascend the immortal throne.

Game Highlights

  • Master six Realms of Magic: Order, Chaos, Nature, Myth, Shadow and Light.
  • Choose among unique Champions, each with their own special abilities.
  • Collect over 200 cards, each beautifully illustrated to capture the world of BloodRealm.
  • Conquer Rome, Gaul, and Egypt. Each campaign offers over 100 missions.
  • Battle other players from all around the world, earning glory and exclusive rewards.
  • Join the BloodRealm community to learn tips and interact with fellow players.