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Battle your way through and save Camelot

Unleash your combos!

Choose your desired class and battle evil enemies now!

Arthurian Action Fighting!

Dark Age Britain is under attack! The newly-crowned King Arthur must unite the warring kingdoms to repel foul Saxon invaders and otherworldly creatures, thwart the mad schemes of Mordred and sorceress Morgan le Fay, and seek the Holy Grail to heal the broken realm once and for all. Rise, heroic champion, to turn the tide on the dark forces and save Camelot!


  • REAL-TIME ACTION FIGHTING – Run, leap, unleash devastating attacks, and perform special moves in real time. Use your keyboard to deliver deadly combos, dodge attacks, and block blows… your champion responds to your every move!
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR CHAMPION – Play as a hero of the Arthurian court… a noble Briton KNIGHT, powerful BARBARIAN, or fearsome fey ENCHANTRESS. Unlock and upgrade unique abilities as you level up and customize your champion with superior weapons, enhanced armor, and enchanted gear!
  • EXPLORE CAMELOT - Complete campaigns to unlock new quests, epic locations, and countless adversaries… bring the fight to the hidden strongholds of villainous Dark Age enemies and Morgan’s otherwordly creatures. Quest alone for glory, or ally yourself with powerful NPC heroes or skilled players from around the world!
  • INTENSE PLAYER-VS-PLAYER COMBAT – Improve your champion’s abilities by testing your skill in Manual PvP combat against other players or watch your champion fight his way up the Leaderboards against other champions with Automated PvP.